Our Team

We empathize with you

Muskoka Technology Services & Consulting Ltd (MTSC) knows the challenges that small and medium sized businesses face. We are here to help your business achieve its goals by maximizing the value of your human capital. When resources are limited, we will help ensure that you are getting the most from what you have and when you expand, it is the right time for you.​

Proven experience at your service​

MTSC offers over a decade of experience in the Hospitality, Restaurant, ATM Cash Handling and Gaming industries. The MTSC team has worked in front line service, application support, hardware support, retail auditing, software design and project management

Corporate knowledge customized for your needs

At MTSC, we know the keys to successfully growing business is strengthening your core competencies while improving internal processes to control costs. Ultimately, this results in providing your customers with a higher quality and memorable experience with you. MTSC focuses on complementing your operations by improving processes to increase productivity and efficiency.​

Through enhanced FTE management, having more time to concentrate on what you do best allows you to control costs and grow your business without an accompanying offset in increased costs.​

Below are just some of the industry leaders that we at MTSC have had the privilege of working with.

http://www.dtaa.ca http://www.uncorkd.biz http://www.infogenesis.com